New Way of Life Ministries has one goal: To share God's message of salvation via testimonies from Christians all over the world. We want everyone to have an opportunity to know our Lord and how great he really is. Please share your testimony with others to strengthen their walk. And if you need spiritual strengthening please read the testimonies and get closer to God.

Testimonial 1

"I feel that the weekend was life-changing and that you showed me who I really am. If someone's soul is calling them to make a quantum leap, then I would urge them to sign up for this weekend.

Testimonial 2

"You gave me so much help and guidance; you expanded my understanding of myself, the Universe and my purpose in this lifetime. You taught me how to see and deal with my issues as they arise. This understanding is continuing to grow since the weekend and is bringing more joy, positivity and delight into my life.

Testimonial 3

"Every day, miracles happen! What I really want to write is 'everyone should stay the course because it is amazing!"

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